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Tartu Postimees: One of the major shortcomings of new housing can be eliminated in just three hours

The article was published on 20.04.2018 in Tartu Postimees

There is often one important drawback in the new residential areas that are being built near the cities. Namely, the private houses there do not have a basement.

Now it is possible for those who wish to have a basement installed at their house in as little as three hours. In Estonia, the Revonia cellar manufactures and installs modular basements.

Rauno Oja, a member of the company’s board, explained that they are currently the only ones in Estonia that manufacture modular basements.

“The cellar is an essential element in old farmhouses, unfortunately, for some reason, cellars were not built in the buildings built during Estonia’s re-independence, but now, when it has become fashionable to eat home-made and fresh food again, there are no suitable rooms for root vegetables and storage in new houses,” said Oja.

Revonia Cellar uses techniques, techniques, and materials from a hundred years ago when building modular cellars.

“For example, our master makes our doors using fishtail dowels, and door hinges, links, and even nails are forged,” described Rauno Oja.

Revonia makes cellars according to orders. “Prices start at around six thousand euros, but people have also ordered basements that cost upwards of 30,000 euros,” said Oja.

In addition to country cellars for storing roots, Revonia also makes wine cellars and even cellar saunas and cellars where gentlemen can go to enjoy cognac and cigars.

“If a suitable hole for the cellar has been dug in the ground, it takes only three hours to put an underground cellar in place,” added Oja.